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Efficient Logistics for Economic Growth in Africa

Logistics is the core of Africa’s economic transformation. For Africa to take its place in the global economic landscape as a strong, economically viable and vital continent, it has to exploit every available opportunity of economic growth and international trade. The continent’s activity in the global arena has recently begun to emerge, with greater focus based on trade and economic policies.

International trade is a key factor in the sustainability of economic development in Africa, and efficient logistics will drive economic growth. The mention of commercial products in the trade and a mention of names of specific manufacturers or service providers does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for inclusion in the materials published or services offered by these manufacturers and service benefit the free transfer of goods and services between individuals, companies and governments. With efficient logistics infrastructure and operational processes and systems in place, goods and services can be effectively moved from the point of production to the final point of trade and consumption, not just at the national level but also in the international arena. It is clear that the focus of the work is to identify the crucial role played by efficient logistics in minimizing the gap between production and consumption for both local and international trade, that accounts for economic growth in Africa. However, to begin with, the work will briefly highlight the fundamental connection between efficient logistics and economic growth, suggest some of the possible pathways that can be used to explain the relationship between the two factors, and also assess the potential bottlenecks to economic growth through effective logistical planning and operational instrumentalization. This will form a basis for laying a framework on which the analysis will focus on when discussing the relevant, appropriate, and practical ways of enhancing the role of efficient logistics in driving economic growth in Africa.

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